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Live in LA, Casey McCreary brings soul and passion to the stage unlike any other. Inspired by legendary saxophonist and beloved grandfather Gill Bernal, Casey finds joy singing & song writing. The perfect combination of relevant lyrics and timeless tunes that bring a nostalgic and loved feeling to his modern compositions performances. Casey draws his passion from contemporary music as well as the "Great American Songbook" creating his repertoire of beautiful cover songs and original singles. Influenced by artists such as Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé and Dean Martin. Casey's performances include standards, contemporary songs, and his own original compositions. He is excited to return to the studio each time he walks away from the microphone. An elegant flare with a modern twist; Casey's performances bring the feel of the songs that we all know and love while pushing new musical boundaries each time he steps on the stage.   

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February 4, 1931 - July 17, 2011

Inspired by Gil Bernal

Alto-Saxophonist Gil Bernal began his professional career at the age of 17, playing with Lionel Hampton's Big Band traveling the country. Married to his wife Harriet Bernal the two shared a love unlike any other. Rasing 5 children while working as a professional musician Gil Bernal quickly became what is known as "A Musician's Musician" and anytime he walked into the studio the room lit up with enthusiasm. The other musicians in the room knew that when Gil walked in - he would fill in any missing pieces to the sounds and songs that they were about to record. His passionate Alto-Saxophone became very well known in the industry. Gil was a family man that provided for Children and wife while living as a rolling stone several times through the course of his career.


His wife Harriet Bernal, a glamorous force of nature, pushed Gil forward and upward. As a power couple they made a name that will forever mark the book of Music History. Gil was a key musician/ singer/ songwriter in the early development of R&B and the Rock and Roll that we hear today. Casey's inspiration comes from the way Gill spoke about his "Golden Voice" and how it was different than any other that he had heard.

Behind the scenes
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